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No, this is not about the novel nor the movie. This is about me. I don't know if you'll believe me but something weird is happening to me. I think I have an ability to see my future in my dreams sometimes. I can't control it.

Premonitions first happened to me when I was 5 years old. I dreamed of myself falling on the stairs of our house. The day after, while I'm helping my mom clean the house... she asked me to bring her slippers downstairs. I thought I could wear it while going down even though the pair of slippers is so much bigger than my feet. At my second step down, I slipped and fell... just like what happened to me in my dream.

I thought that was just a coincidence because premonitions didn't happen to me again. But not until the thirteenth year of my life. This time, I am not sure if it's a dream or not. It was just like a normal day... classes, varsity practice, go home, but those dreams didn't happen in real life.
Not until a very horrible dream: I was there at the scene... just watching my own dream. There was a traffic. I saw my sister in a car stopped on a railway. And then I heard a train. I want to save my sister... I just can't. It seemed someone was stopping me to move. I shouted... they were on a middle of a traffic so they can't move their car to avoid the train. I shouted soooo loud so I woke up. I was relieved that it was just a dream... The day passed like normal. My sister returned from her friend's house sooo tired. I hugged her and then she told me something shocking.

"Czian, if my friend didn't drive the car backward regardless of the car there, I'd probably be dead." - just like what happened in my dream...

And another premonition happened to me. But this time... I dreamed of my friend talking to me.... he was asking for a comment/testimonial 0n Friendster. The day after, I saw a bulletin post from him.

"Hey there, comment! Comment." - The exact sentence he said in my dream. The difference is... in my dream, he is talking to me personally. In real life, he posted it on Friendster.

It seems my premonition count is increasing. This might come to everyday premonitions. That's fun... I'll already know what will happen to me before a day.

I am not asking you to believe me but... I am telling the truth.

Note: I can only see my future... but there's an exception if you are included in my dream. Haha.


Zombie Apocalypse

Have you ever thought of a zombie apocalypse occurring in the place you're living in? I have.

Everytime I watch a zombie show like Resident Evil and 28 Weeks Later, it would take time before I can sleep well again. Here are the questions running in my mind at night before I sleep:

  1. What if scientists create chemicals like the one in the movies? - Scientists experiment on things to try to improve the world. This could be possible.
  2. If that happens, where would I run? - I start thinking about breaking the windows, the passageways inside our house, and which things I will bring to survive.
  3. Who will I save? - My mother and my sister. What about my dad? He can manage... he is strong.
  4. Where will we hide? - I am thinking we can hide at a place like Safeway, so we won't worry about the food.
Yes, I am that imaginative. I start thinking about things that are possible scientifically. But you know what, Philippines has an advantage over other countries because Philippines is an archipelago. That means the virus won't spread so the other cities and provinces will be safe.

Because I am part crazy, I took a quiz about Zombie Apocalypse.
This quiz determines what your chances are for surviving a zombie apocalypse based on how much food you have, firearms, stamina, and a few other things.
Here are my answers:

1. How much non-perishable food you keep in your home? (canned goods, etc)
Lots, I could last for several months without making a trip to the store

2. How long can you run before you need to rest?
I'm highly athletic - I can run long distances at a fast pace

3. How big is the city you're living in?
Moderately large city

4. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, would you drive 20 minutes across town to find your loved ones?
Yes, they're probably in trouble and I must save them

5. Do you own any guns?
Yes (My family has a bunch :)) And I am going to get each for us)

6. Assuming you got your hands on a gun, would you know how to use it?
I'm no expert but I know how to handle a gun (My dad taught me... it's easy. Just pull the trigger!)

7. Do you own a baseball bat, crowbar, machete, or other blunt or sharp item that could be used as a weapon?

8. If your dearest loved one turned into a zombie, what would you do?
I'd run as fast as I could away from them and hope they're one of the 'slow zombies.' (I couldn't kill a love one especially my sister and my mother)

9. When watching a scary movie and something jumps out at you, what do you do?
I scream and/or jump

10. If you were in a situation with a group of strangers where you had to choose between your own life and theirs, what would you do?
Abandon the strangers and save my own neck. It's every man for himself (They're strangers! But if I love someone there, I would save him/her of course.)

11. If you were caught outside during the onset of a zombie apocalypse, where would you most likely go?
I'd find my family or loved ones first, then find somewhere to hide

12. Suppose you've managed to find somewhere to hide, what's the first thing you would do?
Look for weapons

13. Do you know how to make home-made explosives, such as molotov cocktails?
I'm sure I could figure out how to blow something up (I'm part geek. Haha.)

14. You hear a strange noise outside, what do you do?
I grab a weapon and silently wait (If I call out, a zombie might hear me and attack me. So I need to be sure...)

15. What do you do in high stress situations?
I thrive under pressure, bring it on! (This is between death or life! As long as my family is alright, I will do my best to survive.)

And this is the result:


Haha. Oh yeah! Try this quiz too by clicking the picture above.

So... I promise, I will do my best to survive for my family if ever a zombie apocalypse occurs. But hopefully, this would not happen. So I am asking scientists there who experiment on things to improve the world:



Seism Attacks Salinas!

Seism - A sudden movement of the earth's crust caused by the release of stress accumulated along geologic faults or by volcanic activity. Also called earthquake, temblor.

Salinas has been attacked by an earthquake. It was noon time when I heard the sound of the ground shaking. I thought it was just Kyle playing Dance, Dance Revolution but when I saw my bed shaking... I was alarmed.

I grabbed my cellphone, laptop and jacket. I went out of the room and shouted: "What was that?"

No one answered. The ground was still shaking. I have learned in Claret School's disaster drills that when there's a seism, we should not panic - so I calmed down, shaking while holding my laptop tight. I found Kyle turning the TV off... his face was sooo nervous :)).

I returned to the room I'm staying in and removed the plug of my laptop's adapter. Still carrying my laptop, I asked Kyle if we should stay under something. I even joked around I would go under a book - corny. I didn't know the earthquake was over. He told me that I should still be prepared because the after shock may come any hour this day.

It's already been 7 hours after my first earthquake. Actually, it's not my first time. I've encountered a lot of earthquake but this was the first one I felt.

I am still nervous and excited because the after shock hasn't come yet. Why am I excited? Haha. Because that was quite an experience. It was rather amusing because it was my first time.


Pose. Shoot. Photoshop.

Kyle and I just shot photos of us. Just the two of us. We were like models trying every angle and place in the house. After umm... 100 plus photos? We sorted what's good and bad... and with the help of my, laptop, I edited the pictures just to make the their quality better. And here are the photos:

My school starts on August 22 Fall! I can't wait for Tennis and Leadership! I'll be an eagle!! Sorry, I know my writing sucks now. It's 4:30AM here. I don't want to sleep. Argh.


Wendy, OUT!

Please do not misunderstand the title. This doesn't signify that Wendy Valdez is already out of the Big Brother House. Yes, she is still in. Worse, she is part of the big 4. I am totally disturbed. Ugh.

Anyway, the official members of the big 4 is G-Ann, Beatriz, Mickey, and the annoying Wendy. Bodie was the last to be evicted. And his eviction was the most emotional, and the best of all the evictions in PBB's history. His family really missed him. I saw Mr. Tirso Cruz his father. I thought.. "Duroy is lost!"

When Bodie was being asked by Toni, the people began to cheer "Wendy OUT!, Wendy OUT!" I love that cheer. I saw some people in the internet announcing they are going to cheer Wendy down on Saturday by saying the best cheer I've heard - The Wendy cheer. I'm really excited to see Wendy's face when she hears the people hating her because after Bodie's eviction... she said: I am really touched. Many people shouted when Toni called me. Haha. She thought the people cheered for her. Wendy, Wendy, Wendy... think!

Note: When the people were cheering the Wendy out cheer, Big Brother distracted the housemates by playing the Big Brother theme song, Pinoy Ako, so they especially Wendy won't hear the crowd's disapproval of her slot in the Big 4.

Big Brother Distracts The Housemates